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41 by JeVuS 41 by JeVuS
Here is 41.
41 was born with the magnificent mustache you see before you, it has never grown... it has been the same size his whole life!

Only one person has ever tried to remove it and that was the doctor delivering him at the hospital... he was promptly turned into ashes (no one has ever dared to try since as many believe that the mustache is the source of his power)
41 never seemed to move his arms either, it was like he never acutally moved at all... you could see actions taking place but could not be certain it was him... his mustache would gently sway when a bad event was about to happen

41 (or Principle Fort to the pupils) is actually a legendary mage who's life is shrouded in mystery
No one knows where he came from, or why he's called 41, some believe he was part of an experiment to find the meaning of life the universe and everything... but they fell one number short...?

Shortly after his transfer to Hilcrest school he meet some events happend that would change the course of history/time and the very fabric of existance (yet to be disclosed!?)

41 started teaching at the age of 16, no one questioned it or him, it was just that way (considering he turned his teacher into an apple instead of bringing the teacher an apple)
Once he grew tired of teaching he mysteriously disappeared leaving nothing but a bunch of apple cores... (needless to say there were a fair few missing students and staff)

Roughly 10 years later Fort (41) made his return... as the principle of a school in *insert generic location here*
He took this job very seriously and was considered the best there was (no one knew of his magic abilities and he was sure to keep them well hidden)
Things went well for another 5 years or so until a mysterious stranger appeared one fateful day...the day of the science fair

and that bring us up to date with the three..

a story that could be told by a 5 year old i know but you know what they say... boredom is the mother of all creation
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Submitted on
February 26, 2008
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