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Mr Stranger by JeVuS Mr Stranger by JeVuS
This here is the Stranger(coincidentally also named Mr Stranger) that so kindly turned half of the Hilcrest School Faculty into the rare delicacy... Pig/Squash...
he was not always out for revenge and to use magic against innocent people for enjoyment, He was once an up and coming mage/necromancer top of his class at the underground primary school for the social inept (magic users) until a new student arrived...

The new kid had no name only went by a number 41?, his powers were extraordinary and he was unrivaled in every aspect. needless to say that Stranger took it pretty hard, he craved the attention, he vowed to best this 41.. to become 42!

he studied night and day... for roughly 2 days (well it was the weekend)... but in these two days he was able to completely master the ability of phototransmutaion
The art of literally moving the atomic structure of an item and reconstructing it into anything he desired!
He turned an apple into a cat and his cat into a sandwich... he didnt want to walk to the kitchen!?
Now this he thought could not be beat and would keep him at the top for sure.

So when monday came he was first to put his hand up for show and tell.
41 was called up first, he did not walk, run, blink, or even move one iota but somehow he was at the front of the class and sitting down at the same time!
everyone including the grand mage Zak was impressed but his flawless execution of such an advanced technique never seen executed before by a child.
Then surely as fast as he had appeared he vanished, 41 sat there smug and taking pleasure in is efforts

Stranger knew what he had to do, he pushed through the next student walking towards the front of the class (who was only going to show that he had finally learnt how to spark a fire on his fingertips) and pointed towards 41 "My turn now" he chuckled menacingly out loud.
The room grew dark, windows shattered, the class guinea pig exploded, all students except for 41 hid under their desks..
The teachers knew just what he was going to do but were powerless to interfere as not even they could harness that amount of magic at one time, and even if they could they would never use such a dark and cursed technique...
Pure magic in its most destructive force flew from Strangers hand and rocketed towards 41, 41 didnt move or even flinch to save his own life! This was because he had seen a flaw in Strangers attack!

In an instant the room was filled with light brighter then the sun, a scream, a toaster, a radio.... a Villin was born

He become infused with a radio and toaster bla bla bla long standing vendetta with 41 bla bla bla, went into exile bla bla bla
leads to the events at the science fair >_>

Rant Out
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February 26, 2008
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