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Xavier Cash by JeVuS Xavier Cash by JeVuS
Xavier Cash, Gerald's best friend that was accidentally turned into a gremiln like creature when he decided that eating a decade old Twinkie that fell into toxic goo was a good idea...

The upside to this strange occurrence (you'd think it would have killed him huh?) is that Xavier's eyesight has improved exponentially and the downside.... he is decomposing at such a rapid rate that he needs a magical elixir every couple of weeks or the stench becomes unbearable (which is not such a bad battle tactic really)
This particular Elixir is very rare and very hard to make... its made from the tears of children when they see Chuck Norris (its a well known fact that no one can see Chuck Norris so the likely hood of making the elixir is as impossible as.. well seeing Chuck Norris)

Once Xavier had discovered his new found eagle like sight and cat like reflexes he picked up his fathers old 6 shooters and began practicing, shortly after 3 Boeing 747 planes were reported to have "crashed" while flaying over Vancouver.

Xavier had missed a few months of school due the accident and press coverage (not too mention the amount of visits by Health and Safety officers over complaints of the stench)
Gerald hadnt been faring to well either with his new found appearance and guitar that would follow him anywhere constantly laughing and licking random objects...

So one day after school Gerald decided to skip his daily chores and go and see Xavier.
Gerald's guitar Hendrix saw this as a great opportunity show of a taste of his abilities, he promptly licked Xavier's 6 shooters and the seemed to dissolve into a mercury like substance, it changed colors a few times, expanded to the size of a lounge chair... what happened next science cannot explain
A bright flash then there were two of the most magnificent handguns/sidearms that seemed to be calling for Xavier to hold them and never let go!

This is where the adventure truly begins as outside little do they know that something sinister has happened, something we all fear, something that Jesus became... it was the start if the Zombie Holocaust!

So they go out and kill hoards of zombies and bla bla bla
track the source to 41 being held under the white house by Mr.Stranger bla bla bla

The most disturbing discovery of their travels was when they discovered a secret room under the white house where they found Hitler, Elvis, JFK and Ghandi playing strip poker... was not a pretty sight to say the least
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February 28, 2008
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